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Duplo has a great reputation for finishing equipment, especially their slitter/cutter/creasers that the digital print market loves to this day.  I’ve listed a few of the machines we’ve installed recently below.

Duplo DC-646 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser:

This is Duplo second-fastest machine that slits, cuts, perfs and creases sheets as large as 14.5” W x 26.3” L.  It can do most everything and the accuracy is second to none.  Like many Duplo products, it incorporates a top-feed vacuum belt design that once set, does not require any operator attention until the 3.9” H Feeder empties.  You can add an integrated folder to this system, so the entire piece is finished and ready to ship or mail.

More information on the Duplo DC-646 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser

Duplo CF375 Creaser Folder:

This machine was built to automate creasing and folding heavy card stock.  The finished pieces have nice clean folds that are nice and straight w/o any cracking.  Almost anyone can set up and operate this machine and like all Duplo products, the operator doesn’t have to babysit the feeder while it runs.  This machine will run up to 400 gsm paper with a maximum sheet size of 14.7” W x 39.3” L.

More information on the Duplo CF375 Creaser Folder

Duplo 350C Booklet Making System:

We just installed this mid-level booklet maker and we’re impressed by the simple, but effective design that’s going to translate into fewer service and maintenance need in the years ahead.  The machine comes with two Deluxe Stitching Heads and can process up to 3,000 booklets/hour.  For collating only, you can expect up to 7,200 sets/hour.  This one isn’t on our website yet, but you can view the details here:

More information on the Duplo 350C Booklet Making System

This is just a sampling of the many great products that Duplo manufacturers for print finishing.  All are designed so that anyone can produce professionally finished pieces w/o years of on the job training.

Are your print finishing capabilities lacking?  Please let me know and let’s see if we can fix that with the shortest ROI possible.

Thank you! – Greg