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Product Description

A simple and inexpensive stand for HP 45-style inkjet cartridge storage.  Keep dust and debris out of the print nozzles and help prevent dry-out to extend cartridge life.  Reusable too!

Follow these guidelines when storing inkjet cartridges:

  1. Place cartridges in an air-tight storage tub / containter
  2. Install Inkjet Cartridge Stand
  3. Store cartridge with nozzles up
  4. Place damp cloth or paper inside tub
  5. Do not use plastic bags or let anything else touch the nozzle

Ready to re-use, follow these guidelines:

  1. Remove inkjet cartridge stand
  2. Gently wipe nozzle plate with CleanJet Inkjet Cartridge Wipes
  3. Re-install inkjet cartridge(s) into printer

Additional Information

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Dimensions 3 x 1 x 1 in