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Straight Shooter R-12 Friction Feeder Review

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Is it everything you want in a friction feeder?

The R-12 Friction Feeder is designed to provide everything you want in a friction feeder whether you are the owner, the machine operator or the mechanic.  It’s a competitively priced machine that performs on a consistent basis, with minimal operator training, and with low maintenance requirements and costs.

Overall, it’s a great investment for many applications that include continuously high-speed feeding flat to semi-flat products.


  • Mailing / Direct Mail
  • Packaging / Warehouse / Fulfillment
  • Print Finishing / Bindery

Unique Features and Standouts:

  • Very-fast setup times without having to use hand-tools
  • Extended side-guides stop products from skewing
  • Replace wear items (belts, separators) in less than 15 minutes
  • Re-position feed belts while the machine runs (without tools)
  • Buckle Separation™ (separate products while feeding w/o a nip-point)

Products that work well on this feeder:

  • Paper-based products such as flyers, postcards, envelopes, and related items.
  • Cardboard, flat to semi-flat cartons, and some bags
  • Flat, plastic materials
  • Saddle-stitched booklets that lay flat
  • Products that stack well at 3-4 inches high

Products that do not work well on this feeder:

  • Heavy products
  • Material with built-up static
  • Products that do not stack flat
  • A tacky and high-friction material
  • Thick and light materials (example: bubble mailers) 


It’s hard to find something to complain about when the feeder is used with the right applications.  Its simple design makes it easy to understand each part’s role on the machine so that operators don’t waste a lot of time making small adjustments before and during operation.

The feeder is designed for continuous feed applications and includes a variable speed control knob so almost any application can make use the feeder.

Friction Feed Technology:

The R-12 Feeder is a bottom-feed, friction feeder.  To perform at its best, it needs flat to a semi-flat product that isn’t too light (bubble mailers) or too heavy (thicker perfect bound books).  This technology is great for general feeding purposes, but sometimes another feed technology is better such as top-feed systems with vacuum or pick-and-place systems.

Moveable Separator Tips between the belts.

Buckle Separation™:

The R-12 Feeder doesn’t use a touch-point to separate the product while feeding and instead relies on a patented Buckle Separation™ which is designed to help prevent the product from getting jammed between the separation point.  This works very well for many of the products we’ve tested such as postcards, envelopes and similar products that have some give to them.

Feed Belts:

There are seven feed belts on the R-12 Feeder.  The average friction feeder has 4-5 belts, so this is a welcome benefit when you need as much “pull” as possible with slicker products.  What’s even nicer, is that they are easy to re-position while the feeder is running and without any tools.  Re-positioning the belts can be important if you’re changing product sizes a lot and want to move belts around for better feeding results.

Seven feed belts “pushing” the product out

How much does the R-12 Feeder cost?

The price will vary and depend upon other costs such as installation and operator training, the warranty provided by the reseller and whether any options or accessories are included.  The end user can expect to pay around $3,395 USD excluding shipping and applicable sales tax.  The price is competitive with similarly featured feeders.


  • Product Feed: Min. 3” Wide. 12” Wide.
  • Product Feed: Min. 2” Long. 17” Long.
  • Product Thickness: Min. Single Sheet up to 3/8”.
  • Speed: Variable, up to 30,000 postcards / hour (size dependent)


The R-12 Feeder is an overall great feeder that has been a reliable performer over the years.  With proper care and maintenance such as regular belt changes, the feeder should provide you with many years of service with minimal downtime.  We highly recommend this for direct mail applications, print finishing needs, and packaging environments as well.

Straight Shooter R-12 Feeder Webpage Link

If you have questions or comments about the feeder to make sure it’s right for your application, please contact us at info@peak.bz or call us at 888-584-7272.

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