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Why Kirk-Rudy Equipment?

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One of the most frequently asked inquiries we receive is whether we sell any other brands of inkjets and tabbers?

The simple answer is: No. And for good reason. Read on and we’ll tell you why we stand firmly behind Kirk-Rudy, as our exclusive line of inkjet and tabbers:

Reason #1: Performance And Reliability

Kirk-Rudy products are second-to-none in terms of their long-term reliability and performance. These are proven to outperform and outlast the competition in terms of their durability, functionality. In terms of return on investment, Kirk-Rudy consistently delivers superior quality results, bar none.

Reason #2: Direct Access To The Manufacturer

Our company has maintained a close business-to-business (B2B) relationship with Kirk-Rudy that dates back a very long time. We have direct access to the personnel at Kirk-Rudy’s factory. Whether we have a specific question, a special request, or need to raise a specific concern with them, we have established inroads with the team over at Kirk-Rudy, from everyone from the shop-floor technicians to all the way up to and including the president of the company.

This synergistic feedback loop between our two companies allows us to maintain close ties with them and draw upon their expertise. So anytime we have a problem, question, or concern that needs escalating, we can typically expect to turn around and elicit a response from them fairly quickly.

This type of priority access puts us at an advantage to serve our customers efficiently and help you to achieve customer satisfaction.

Reason #3: Proximity To Our Facilities

Location. Location. Location.

Kirk-Rudy’s manufacturing facility is located in Woodstock, Georgia. Practically every component of their products is produced right here, locally.

Each and every machine is designed and assembled at the local factory here. No need to contact some third-party supplier, who may or may not get around to building the component parts when you need them the most. Everything is resiliently built-to-last, in-house, locally.

Interested in checking out the facilities? Visitors are always welcome to tour the 100,000 square-foot plant.

You need only to give us a heads-up, so that we can make arrangements to have someone give you a tour and show you around.

Reason #3: Custom Solutions

Have you explored Kirk-Rudy’s product catalog and found that none of their products meet your specific needs? Is your business faced with certain operational challenges that may require a custom-built solution? Would you stand to benefit from a solution that is uniquely tailored and retrofitted to your meet your specific business requirements? If you require an “out of the box”, then you can reach out to us to design and build custom systems that meet and exceed your specific needs and expectations.

Reason #4: Best In Value

When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, Kirk-Rudy offers the best bargain value, hands-down. Our competitive pricing speaks for itself.

Bottom Line:

We don’t believe we should sell ourselves short. And we also believe that you shouldn’t have to sell yourself short either. Don’t make the mistake of short-changing yourself by opting for some other inkjet and tabber brands that might otherwise fall short of meeting your expectations.

Kirk-Rudy is clearly an industry leader in the marketplace. We wouldn’t have it any other way.